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Race For Hope

Dear Family, Friends and Associates of Howard Homes:

Last year, I began this letter talking about warmth and sunshine. This year, I am looking out my window and seeing 14” of new snow! Mark Twain said, “Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it.” I guess this statement applies to me as well. If I could, I would make it all disappear.

I would like to bring you up to date on my health and my fight against brain tumors. To recap my brain tumor history, I had my first craniotomy in February, 2003, then a second craniotomy in May, 2004. In 2005, I received 6 weeks of radiation and had my first Gamma Knife procedure. I was tumor free until fall of 2014. After the return of my brain tumor, I received another Gamma Knife treatment in December, 2014. Then in January, 2016, an MRI scan showed a new tumor. It was determined that another open surgery was necessary and I was scheduled for my third craniotomy in June, 2016. This recovery took a little longer but was without any complications. Four months later an MRI revealed yet another new tumor. Luckily, the doctors at Lehigh Valley Hospital Health Network were able to do another Gamma Knife procedure instead of another craniotomy. I have had 2 more MRI’s since then and they have both been good, stable with no additional growth. My next scan is at the end of May of this year.

I have updated my personal story to stress that anyone dealing with major health issues is rarely ever out of the woods. We are always dealing with something. It’s just reality. I continue to have a ton of love and support from my family and friends. Thankfully, medical science, including the genetic testing that I have had, continue to progress. Money raised for research has made things like this possible. But we still have a long way to go.

This is where you can help to make a difference It is my hope to have you all join me, my family, friends and business associates for our 13th annual event on, Sunday, May 7, 2017, in Washington, D.C. I will not be running this year, due to a leg injury. But I will be walking!!

Please consider joining our team or making a monetary contribution. The proceeds from the race go directly to the National Brain Tumor Society and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure to directly fund research for brain tumors and cancer. Every day, people’s lives are affected by the diagnosis of a brain tumor. While I realize we are all facing challenging economic times, help us in our fight against brain tumors! When you make a tax deductible donation (no matter how big or small) 100% of the proceeds go toward the treatment, research, and the cure of brain tumors.

This year there are several ways YOU can make a difference:

  • You may make a monetary donation and/or participate in the event by joining our team. We hope that some of you will reach out to your friends and family to participate, either physically or financially, in this year’s race. Every dollar counts and there is no such thing as a small donation. The dollars collected through this race and similar events, have transformed the lives of so many brain tumor patients and their families.

  • You can register as a Virtual Runner, and help us raise additional donations if you are unable to join us on race day in Washington, DC.

  • Or... if you’re in the DC area, we ask that you join us for the for the 2016 Race for Hope 5k on Sunday, May 1, 2016 in Washington, DC, as we walk (or run) for a cure for brain tumors and brain cancer! This is an annual tradition for our family and Howard Homes, with each year being even more memorable than the last. Why not make a weekend of it and enjoy the sights and sounds of our nation’s capital. We look forward to seeing you at the race!

Thank you in advance for your continued support. Below are the details for joining our team and instructions on making a donation. Together, we can make this year's race our best ever.

Warm Regards,

John C. Howard


How to Join Team Howard Homes:
To join us in Washington, DC, you will need to register online. Our team name is Howard Homes. To register visit (if you have participated in the past you will be able to log in without having to fill in your personal information again). If this is your first time participating, click on the button marked "Register" and then click on "Join a Team." Continue to follow the online instructions. If you have any difficulties please feel free to contact Lucia Patrone or Desiree Pinto of Howard Homes. Contact information is provided below.

Lucia Patrone / Phone: 301-502-0507 /
Desiree Pinto (Howard Homes) / Phone: 610-797-8799 /

How to Donate to Team Howard Homes:
You may donate online by visiting Click on the tab marked "Donate," and click on the link to "Donate to a Team." Make sure you press "Select a Team" and type in our team name, Howard Homes. Continue by following the online instructions.

Should you feel uncomfortable submitting credit card information via online, please feel free to use the attached donation form. You may either mail the form and donation directly to Race for Hope DC at the address provided or mail the form and donation to the Howard Homes office at 203 East Emmaus Ave., Allentown, PA 18103. We will forward all contributions to NBTS & ABCC.

Thank you for your continued support!!

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